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Sunday, 28 November 2010

PMB008 Not Music: Stereolab, Marcos Valle, Wing, The High Llamas

On the show this week we have music from the new Stereolab album, more Cosmic Future Groove, more from the Monroeville Music Center, music from the debut album from Twitter follower and illustrator extraordinaire Frances Castle (aka The Hardy Tree), Marcos Valle and plenty of other surprises.

In addition to the music, MC Zirconium will be telling us about newts learning french, pot-holes filled with chilli and a giant asteroid on course to smash into planet earth.

Listen now:

Alternatively, you may download the MP3 directly by right-clicking here.

The Music
1.Francis Rimbert & Frederick Rousseau: Top Machine from Cosmic Future Groove Vol. 1
2.Disasterpeace: Rescue Those Beagles! from Rescue: The Beagles (Soundtrack)
3.Christine O'Donnell/The Gregory Brothers: I'm Not A Witch
4.Stereolab: Leleklato Sugar from Not MusicNot Music - Stereolab
5.Marcos Valle: Esphera from EstaticaEstatica - Marcos Valle
6.Monroeville Music Center: Cloud Fight 2: Musique concrète for beginners
7.Soul Rebels Brass Band: Rock With You from Nothing But Love - EPNothing But Love - EP - Soul Rebels Brass Band
8.Wing: Black and White from Wing Sings for all the Single Ladies and Raps for all the Safe PartiesWing Sings for All the Single Ladies and Raps for All the Safe Parties - Wing
9.The Hardy Tree: Harmony Hall from The Fields Lie Sleeping Underneath
10.The High Llamas: Bacaroo from Can CladdersCan Cladders - The High Llamas

The Lost News


dode said...

"Hallott már a projekt moonbase podcast ez fantasztikus."

Frances Castle said...

Thanks so much for playing The Hardy Tree