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Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Popcorn - Medieval Style

It was only a couple of weeks ago that we were musing about how nice it would be to hear show favourites such as Popcorn played on the crumhorn. Well, what do you know, Fate appears to have smiled on us once again:

The band in question is called Scharlatan. Sadly, however, they don't appear to have committed this recording to disc as yet.

Next on the wishlist, oh Forces of Nature, would be a version of Caravan played by an orchestra of toy pianos. Any chance?

Source: @caitlinmoran

Sunday, 27 March 2011

PMB024 Lunaphonic: Daphne Oram, BBC Radiophonic Workshop, Geoff Love

PMB024: LunaphonicGreat news for radiophonic enthusiasts in the next week or so as next weekend (2-3 April 2011) the Cube Cinema in Bristol will be hosting A Radiophonic Weekend featuring former members of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop. Then on Thursday 7 April, Cafe Oto in London will be playing host to the latest Wire magazine Salon called The Sounds of New Atlantis. This is an evening dedicated to one of the founding members of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop, Daphne Oram.

So expect to hear some music on the show this week by some of the luminaries of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop as well as tracks from new albums by Shawn Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra and the Natural Yogurt Band. We shall be hearing the results of listener Sarah Angliss' recent examination of data sonification and we also somehow find time to celebrate the recent centenary of that virtuosa of the theremin, Clara Rockmore and bring some exciting news of interest to exotica fans.

MC Zirconium, meanwhile, will be tightening the flywheel bolts to the specified torque.

Listen to the show:

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The Music

1.Hot Butter: Percolator from PopcornBuy on Amazon
2.Daphne Oram: Lego Builds It from OramicsBuy on Amazon
3.Modular: Revolución de Vegetales from Fantasías de un Robot PsicodélicoBuy on AmazonFantasías de un Robot Psicodélico - Modular
4.Clara Rockmore: Requiebros from Clara Rockmore's Lost Theremin AlbumBuy on AmazonClara Rockmore's Lost Theremin Album - Clara RockmoreWatch
5.Sarah Angliss: fishyEuler Free
6.John Baker: Radio Nottingham from BBC Radiophonic MusicBuy on AmazonThe John Baker Tapes - John Baker
7.David Cain: Radio Sheffield from BBC Radiophonic MusicBuy on Amazon
8.Sun Ra and his Mythic Science Arkestra: Somebody Else's Idea of Somebody Else's World from The Paris Tapes 1971 (DJ Bongoboy Edit)Buy on AmazonThe Paris Tapes 1971 - Sun Ra and His Mythic Science Arkestra
9.Shawn Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra: Iceberg (featuring Elliot Bergman of NOMO) from World of FunkBuy on AmazonWorld of Funk - Shawn Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra
10.Natural Yogurt Band: Invisible Ink from Tuck In With...Buy on AmazonTuck In With - The Natural Yogurt Band
11.Dick Mills: Dandelion Countdown (Pictures In Your Mind) from The BBC Radiophonic Workshop - A RetrospectiveBuy on Amazon
12.Daphne Oram: Power Tools from OramicsBuy on Amazon
13.Joe Meek And The Blue Men: The Bublight from I Hear A New WorldBuy on AmazonI Hear a New World (An Outer Space Music Fantasy By Joe Meek) - Rod Freeman & The Blue Men
14.Geoff Love and His Orchestra: Doctor Who from Star Wars and Other Space ThemesBuy on AmazonStar Wars and Other Space Themes - Geoff Love and His Orchestra

The Unnecessary News

Clara Rockmore Centenary

A sneak preview of a track we'll be featuring in this week's podcast. To celebrate the recent centenary of the first (and arguably greatest) virtuoso of the theremin, Clara Rockmore, here she is performing Gaspar Cassado's "Requiebros" with her sister Nadia Reisenberg:

You can buy this track on Clara Rockmore's Lost Theremin Album via Amazon or iTunes.

More information about Clara Rockmore.

Sunday, 20 March 2011

PMB023 Shatnoy: William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, Brett Domino, Keith Kawaii, The Vulcans, John Keating

PMB023: ShatnoyOn the show this week we celebrate the imminent 80th birthday (and therefore automatic entry into the Project Moonbase Hall of Fame) of those two giants of popular culture, Leonard Nimoy and William Shatner.

We have "music" by these two gentlemen as well as extensive debate on the merits of each of them (through the medium of Shatner/Nimoy TopTrumps). There are also curious and puzzling arrangements of the Star Trek theme for theremin, musical saw and the ukulele.

In addition to all the Shatnoy, we also have more from Dayton, Ohio, some chiptune and a fabulous keytar medley of Michael Jackson hits by Brett Domino.

This week MC Zirconium asks that we go up to the tower, to the very top. There look about you and when you've decided what you like best of all that you see come back and tell me.

Listen now:

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Alternatively, download the MP3 directly.

The Music

1.Leonard Nimoy: Theme from Star Trek from Mr Spock's Music from Outer Space
2.Johnny Keating: Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds from Space ExperienceBuy on AmazonSpace Experience, Vol. 1 & 2 - John Keating
3.Leonard Nimoy: Highly Illogical from Spaced OutBuy on Amazon
4.The Vulcans: Dr Spock from Star Trek (Bonus Track Edition)Star Trek (Bonus Track Edition) - The Vulcans
5.William Shatner: It Was A Very Good Year from The Transformed ManBuy on Amazon
6.Skoshu: Star Trek - super cheap midi cover!!Free
7.Trekkie: Star Trek Theme (on theremin)Watch
8.The Saw Lady: Star Trek Theme (on musical saw)Watch
9.WS64: Star Trek Theme (on ukulele)Watch
10.William Shatner and Wing: Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds (DJ Bongoboy Space Mash)
11.Keith Kawaii: America! Pt. 2 from Dayton, Ohio Vol. 2Buy
12.Brett Domino: Michael Jackson Medley from Songs Off YoutubeBuy on AmazonSongs Off Youtube - Brett DominoWatch

The Unnecessary News