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Sunday, 30 January 2011

PMB016 Spinning Wheels of Steel: Sounds Galactic, Bruce Haack, Basil Kirchin, Jah Wobble, Marisa, Jamaican Steel Band, Firebrand Boy, Alan Tew

On the show this week we introduce a new irregular feature called Classic Steel where we'll try to play a classical (or a classic) favourite arranged for steel drums as often as we can. We also have some Galactic Sounds, another track from the latest Basil Kirchin soundtrack reissue on Trunk records, we'll be celebrating the imminent 40th anniversary of the release of Get Carter, hearing some Glaswegian chiptune as well as lots of other nutritious nuggets for your ears to chew on.

In addition to the music, MC Zirconium will also be telling us about cold fusion, luke-warm fusion fusion and fusion that's just right.

Listen now:

Alternatively, you may download the MP3 directly by right-clicking here.

The Music
1.Sounds Galactic: Spinning Wheel from An Astromusical Odyssey / Nova - Sounds of the StarsBuy on Amazon
2.Bruce Haack: Rubberbands from Hush Little RobotBuy on Amazon
3.Jah Wobble: Get Carter from Get CarterBuy on AmazonGet Carter - Jah Wobble
4.Marisa: Ceu e Mar from Bis - Bossa Nova: MarisaBuy on AmazonBis - Bossa Nova: Marisa - Marisa
5.Jamaican Steel Band: Calypso (Eine Kleine Nachtmusik) from Steel Band Music of the CaribbeanBuy on AmazonSteel Band Music of the Caribbean (Remastered) - Jamaican Steel Band
6.Basil Kirchin: The Freelance 1 from Primitive LondonBuy on Amazon (CD)Primitive London (Original Soundtrack) - Basil Kirchin
Buy on Amazon (DVD)
7.Firebrand Boy: Forest Dub from Ultrachip VS Forest ClosureBuy
8.Sounds Galactic: Mon Etoile (My Star) from An Astromusical Odyssey / Nova - Sounds of the StarsBuy on Amazon
9.Alan Tew: I'm A Believer from This Is My SceneBuy on Amazon

The Unnecessary News

Sunday, 23 January 2011

PMB015 Caterina Valente: A Woman Born for Music

On this week's show we wish a belated Happy 80th Birthday to that polyglottal pop princess, Caterina Valente, by playing lots of tunes by Ms Valente and her associates. We'll also be hearing from Italian prog horrorists, Goblin, who are playing in Glasgow next month and we have another track from the soundtrack to Copacabana by Tim Gane and Sean O'Hagan.

In addition the music, MC Zirconium will be telling us all about losing weight the easy way, banishing grey hair and eating your own weight in Tunnock's Tea Cakes.

Listen now:

Alternatively, you may download the MP3 directly by right-clicking here.

The Music
1.Orchester Werner Mueller: Bodybuilding from The In-KrautBuy on Amazon
2.Xavier Cugat & His Orchestra: Malaguena from Fiesta De CarnavalBuy on AmazonFiesta de Carnaval - Various Artists
3.Caterina Valente: Similau from Caterina Valente Vol. 2Buy on AmazonCaterina Valente Vol. 2 - Caterina Valente
4.Johnny Keating: The Sacrifice from The Keating Sound & Straight AheadBuy on Amazon
5.Goblin: Death Dies from The Fantastic Journey of GoblinBuy on AmazonThe Fantastic Journey of Goblin - Goblin
6.Caterina Valente: Precipitevolissimevolmente from I Successi Della Grande ValenteBuy on AmazonI Successi Della Grande Valente - Caterina Valente
7.Tim Gane & Sean O'Hagan: Les Parapluies D'ostende from Copacabana OSTBuy on Amazon
8.Caterina Valente & Edmundo Ros: Saudades Da Bahia from Fire & FrenzyBuy on Amazon
9.Robert Maxwell: The Breeze and I from Shangri-La
10.Caterina Valente: Blueberry Hill from Funky Fräuleins: Female Beat, Groove, Disco, Funk In Germany 1968-1978Buy on Amazon

The Lost News

Sunday, 16 January 2011

PMB014 Goodbye Girl: West Midlands Retro-Futuristic Pop

On the show this week we celebrate the life of Broadcast's Trish Keenan who, quite unbelieveably, passed away on Friday. Broadcast were the epitome of retro-futurism and were doing "hauntology" a good decade or more before the term was coined. Their music sounded like it was recorded in a parallel splintered dimension of space crystals. Broadcast were also, in our humble opinion, the greatest of the plethora of bands exploring this sonic landscape which sprung up in the West Midlands in the mid-90s.

DJ Bongoboy was lucky enough to meet Trish and James from Broadcast in 2008 and was able to tell them how much he loved their music. Trish will be greatly missed by all inner and outer space travelers.

So on this week's show you can expect to hear lots of Broadcast as well as lots of music by friends and contemporaries of Broadcast.

In addition to the West Midlands Retro-Futuristic Pop, MC Zirconium will also be telling us that he's not a witch, he's nothing you've heard, he's you, you.

Listen now:

Alternatively, you may download the MP3 directly by right-clicking here.

The Music
1.Broadcast: Man Is Not a Bird from Haha SoundBuy on AmazonHaha Sound - Broadcast
2.Seeland: Local Park from How to LiveBuy on AmazonHow to Live (Bonus Tracks Version) - Seeland
3.Christine O'Donnell: I'm Not a Witch (excerpt)
4.Basil Kirchin: Primitive London 1 from Primitive LondonBuy on AmazonPrimitive London - Basil Kirchin
5.Herbie Mann: Our Man Flint from Our Mann FluteBuy on AmazonOur Mann Flute - Herbie Mann
6.Broadcast: Winter Now from Haha SoundBuy on AmazonHaha Sound - Broadcast
7.Plone: Marbles from For Beginner PianoBuy on AmazonFor Beginner Piano - Plone
8.Pram: Track Of The Cat from Dark IslandBuy on AmazonDark Island - Pram
9.Roj: Bongo Workout from The Transactional Dharma of RojBuy on AmazonThe Transactional Dharma of Roj - Roj
10.Belbury Poly: Farmer's Angle from Farmer's Angle (Revised edition)Buy on AmazonFarmer's Angle (Revised Edition) - EP - Belbury Poly
11.Broadcast: Microtronics Twenty from Microtronics Vol. 2
12.Broadcast: Goodbye Girls from Tender ButtonsBuy on AmazonTender Buttons - Broadcast

The Unnecessary News