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Sunday, 30 March 2008

Playlist, 30/03/08

FEATURED ARTIST: The Radiophonic Workshop The 1st of April marks the 50th anniversary of the founding of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop (and ironically March 2008 also marks the 10th anniversary of the closure of the Workshop...). We took the opportunity to celebrate the work of this pantheon of pioneers: The Music 1. Johnny Dankworth Big Band - Tomorrow's World (BBC Space Themes, 1978) 2. Gianni Safred - Supermind (Futuribile, 1980) 3. Ray Cathode - Waltz In Orbit (7" single, 1962) 4. Delia Derbyshire & Brian Hodgson - Restless Relays (The Tomorrow People - Original Television Music, 1969) 5. The King's Singers - Yellow Submarine 6. Setsubun Bean Unit - Rettsu Kissu (Setsubun Bean Unit, 2007) 7. Delia Derbyshire - Ziwzih Ziwzih 00-00-00 (BBC Radiophonic Music, 1968) 8. Paddy Kingsland - Scene and Heard (The Fourth Dimension, 1973) 9. Emergency Librarian - Absolutely Fascinating (2007) 10. White Noise - Firebird (An Electric Storm, 1969) 11. Belbury Poly - Wildspot (The Willows, 2004) 12. Daphne Oram - Adwick High School No.3 (Oramics, 1968) 13. Broadcast - DDL (The Future Crayon, 2001) 14. Dudley Simpson - The Tomorrow People Theme (The Tomorrow People - Original Television Music, 1969) 15. Raymond Scott - Bandito The Bongo Artist (Manhattan Research, Inc., 1963) 16. Tom Dissevelt - Vibration (Popular Electronics: Early Dutch Electronic Music from Philips Research Laboratories 1956-1963, 1959) 17. Jean-Jacques Perrey - Gossipo Perpetuo (Moog Indigo, 1970) 18. Pram - Space Siren (Keep In a Dry Place EP, 1999) 19. Barry Adamson - Shadow Of Death Hotel (Back To The Cat, 2008) 20. Piero Umiliani - Caravan (Musicaelettronica Vol.1, 2004) 21. Chrome Hoof - Egg N' Bass (Pre-Emptive False Rapture, 2007) 22. Brian Bennett - Ergon (Aim High: The Televisual Soundtrack, 1975) 23. Ron Grainer - Playing It Cool (1979) The News

Sunday, 23 March 2008

Playlist, 23/03/08

FEATURED ARTIST: Sun Ra This week we featured the music of inter-stellar sonic explorer, Sun Ra. Shockingly, we've rarely, if ever, played anything by the king of space jazz on Project Moonbase before. So we thought it was about time to shine the starry spotlight on the great man. If you enjoyed the Sun Ra tracks we played in the show, I said I would give a few pointers for further exploration. Evidence Music have done a fine job of putting out around 20 CDs (equating to around 30 albums) of Sun Ra's back catalogue. Of these, Greatest Hits is perhaps a rather obvious choice as an entry point but it is a good sampler covering a wide range of Sun Ra's numerous styles, though clearly Sun Ra never released anything that could really be called a "hit". Lanquidity is a lovely little groover of an album. The collection of all the singles that the Saturn label released is a fantastic 2-CD set which covers everything from the very early doo-wop days right through the decades to the truly out there stuff of the early 80s. I also like the space-exotica of Cosmic Tones. My Brother the Wind Vol 2 is 50% smooth mellowness and 50% electronic, radiophonic noodling. Nice... Atavistic have also put out 6 Sun Ra CDs and a couple of DVDs. Of these, I would recommend Spaceship Lullaby which collects together much of Sun Ra's very early work with vocal groups such as the Nu Sounds and the Cosmic Rays and Night of the Purple Moon which is a great example of Sun Ra's spaced-out Roksichord playing. The best Sun Ra discography I've found on-line is here and if you want to catch the remaining members of the Arkestra in action, they are still playing and touring. Their official site is here and they also have a MySpace page. I saw them play in Edinburgh a couple of years ago - a truly wonderful experience. The Music 1. Jimi Tenor & Rhythm Taxi - Moon Goddess (Live In Berlin, 2007) 2. Setsubun Bean Unit - Gujo Ondo (Wire Tapper Exclusive Edit) (The Wire Tapper 19, 2008) 3. Ray McVay - Theme From 2001 (1974) 4. Calimbo Steel Band - The Blue Danube (The Heart of Trinidad, 1962) 5. The Cosmic Rays - Dreaming (Sun Ra: The Singles, 1955/1996) 6. Slim Gaillard - How High the Moon (Slim Gaillard Rides Again, 1958) 7. Sun Ra and his Intergalactic Infinity Arkestra - Dance Of The Living Image (The Night Of The Purple Moon, 1970/2007) 8. Towny - What Planet Is This? (10 From Towny) 9. Sun Ra and the Blues Project - Robin's Theme (Batman and Robin, 1966) 10. Sun Ra - Where Pathways Meet (Lanquidity, 1978/2000) 11. Tätärä - Under The Boardwalk (Next Show, 2000) 12. Build an Ark - Door of the Cosmos (The Stars Are Singing Too) (A Sun Ra Dedication - The Myth Lives On, 2003) 13. Fats Waller - There's Honey On the Moon Tonight (The Very Best Of, 2008) 14. Dinah Washington - Caravan (Diva, 2003) 15. Sun Ra and his Intergalactic Research Arkestra - Island In the Sun (Janus, 1970/1999) 16. June Tyson & Yaziko - Astro Dark (Caviar Club - Finest Lounge & Club Styles, Vol. 1, 2006) 17. Sun Ra - Love In Outer Space (Sun Ra: The Singles, 1975/1996) The News

Sunday, 16 March 2008

Playlist, 16/03/08

FEATURED ARTIST: Quincy Jones The great Quincy Jones turned 75 on Friday. We took the opportunity to celebrate his work, with particular attention being paid to his movie and TV soundtrack work. The Music 1. Soundsational Sort of Soul - Soul Bossa Nova (Birds 'n Brass) 2. Eduardo Davidson - Mueve El Dinero (Easy Melodías, 1999) 3. The Brass Menagerie - Hot Pants (Brass Menagerie 1973, 1973) 4. First Gear - I Feel The Earth Move 5. Quincy Jones - Main Squeeze (The Lost Man, 1969) 6. The Herbaliser - 8 Men Strong (Take London, 2005) 7. Nebyudelic Sound System - Follow That Pimp, He'll Never Get Away In Those Shoes (Medication for the Soul) 8. Katzenjammers - Cars (Rough Trade Counter Culture 05) 9. Quincy Jones - Ironside (Smackwater Jack, 1971) 10. Quincy Jones - Call Me Mister Tibbs Main Title (They Call Me Mister Tibbs, 1970) 11. Barney Kessel & Gloria Wood - Honey Rock (Tease! - The Beat of Burlesque, 2005) 12. James Taylor Quartet - Mrs. Robinson (Mission Impossible, 1987) 13. Dorothy Ashby - Afro-Harping (Afro-Harping, 2003) 14. Mister K - Jig A La Mode (Easy Melodías, 1999) 15. Combustible Edison - Solid State (Schizophonic!, 1996) 16. Quincy Jones & Bill Cosby - Hikky-Burr (Smackwater Jack, 1971) 17. Lalo Schifrin - Tabu (Black Widow, 1975) 18. Quincy Jones - Lalo Bossa Nova (Big Band Bossa Nova, 1998) 19. Baron Toots Thielemans - Sweet Georgia Brown (The Salient One, 1973) 20. Alan Moorhouse - Tea for Two (and His Bond Street Brigade, 1972) 21. Quincy Jones - Caravan (Swingin' the Big Band, 2006) The News

Sunday, 9 March 2008

Playlist, 09/03/08

FEATURED ARTIST: Jean-Jacques Perrey I had the privilege and pleasure of meeting one of my heroes, Jean-Jacques Perrey, last weekend when he appeared with Dana Countryman as part of the series of Radiophonia events run by the AV Festival in Gateshead. M. Perrey was gracious enough to spare some time for an interview and that interview was broadcast in tonight's show. If you missed it, tune into Leith FM again on Wednesday 20 March from 10pm-12am to hear a repeat of the show. The Music 1. The Moog Cookbook - Sweet Home Alabama (Ye Olde Space Bande: Plays Classic Rock Hits, 1997) 2. Stereolab - Variation One (Moog OST, 2004) 3. Charles Trénet - L'Âme Des Poétes (Charles Trenet - L'Ame d'un Poète) 4. Tom Siddevelt/Kid Baltan - Sonik Re-Entry (Electronic Toys 2, 1999) 5. Les Paul - Lover (Les Paul Now!, 1969) 6. Harry Breuer - Minute Merengue (Incredibly Strange Music Vol. 1, 1958/1993) 7. Jean-Jacques Perrey - Flight Of The Bumblebee (Moog Indigo, 1970) 8. The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy Theme (100 Greatest TV Themes, 2005) 9. Spike Jones & His City Slickers - Dance of the Hours (The Best of Spike Jones & His City Slickers, 1992) 10. Perrey & Kingsley - One Note Samba/Spanish Flea (Spotlight on the Moog, 1967) 11. David Chazam - La Cuenta Reves 12. Dana Countryman - Lovesick Martian Boy (Interplanetary Materials, 2004) 13. Le Tone - Joli Dragon (Le Petit Nabab, 1998) 14. Jean-Jacques Perrey/Dana Countryman - INTERVIEW (March 2008) 15. Jean-Jacques Perrey - La Panthere Cosmique (Moog Sensations, 1970s/2001) 16. The Daniel Pemberton TV Orchestra - Metal Swing Sing Sing (Tvpopmuzik, 2007) 17. Messer Chups - Bride of the Atom (Bride of the Atom, 2006) 18. Jean Jacques Perrey/Dana Countryman - Hernando's Hideway/Tico Tico (The Happy Electropop Music Machine, 2006) 19. John Buzon Trio - Caravan [Eat Static Remix] (v/a - Electronic Excursions In Hi-Fi Stereo, 1999) 20. Jean-Jacques Perrey - E.V.A. (Moog Indigo, 1970) The News

Sunday, 2 March 2008

Playlist, 02/03/08

FEATURED ARTIST: Phil Bodner Sad news reached us here at the 'base this week as we learned that woodwind player extraordinaire Phil Bodner passed away during the week. He was one of the top-notch coterie of East Coast session musicians who appeared on hundreds of cracking albums from the mid-1950s through into the 1970s). He was was of Enoch Light's "Light Brigade" and appeared on many of his ping-pong stereo albums. But he was probably even better known as the founder of the Now Sound band, The Brass Ring. The Music 1. Geoff Love - Jason King 2. Jack Arel - Shore Of Sumatra (Original & Remix, 2007) 3. Balsara and His Singing Sitars - Tequila (Great International Hits) 4. Enoch Light - I Feel Fine (Discotheque Volume 2, 1965) 5. The Four King Cousins - Good Day Sunshine (Introducing..., 1969) 6. Adam Best - You Shouldn't Say 7. Jean Jacques Perrey/ Dana Countryman - Mame (The Happy Electropop Music Machine, 2006) 8. Ron Grainer - Playing It Cool 9. Liberace - Cement Mixer (Put-ti, Put-ti) (Liberace: 16 Biggest Hits, 2003) 10. Cal Tjader - Lullaby of Birdland (Black Orchid) 11. The Brass Ring - The Now Sound (The Disadvantages Of You/The Now Sound Of The Brass Ring, 1967) 12. Chris Joss - Granted (Teraphonic Overdubs, 2008) 13. Barry Adamson - Who Killed Big Bird? (Stranger On the Sofa, 2006) 14. Shawn Lee's Ping Pong Orchestraa - Jungle Soul (Ppo Version) (Jack Arel Remixes, 2007) 15. The Newbeats - Bread and Butter 16. Soundsational Sort of Soul - Fritzy Baby (Birds 'n Brass) 17. The Richard Carpenter Trio - Caravan (From The Top, 1991) 18. The Brass Ring - Lullaby From Rosemary's Baby (Gazpacho/Only Love, 1968) 19. Broadcast - Man Is Not a Bird (Haha Sound, 2003) 20. London Jazz Chamber - Mae West 21. Brass Incorporated - On a Bicycle Made For Three 22. The Brass Ring - Do You Know The Way To San Jose? (Gazpacho/Only Love, 1968) The News