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Sunday, 29 March 2009

Playlist, 29 March 2009

The Show On the show this evening we played more of the interviews we recorded at the first UK Maker Faire the other weekend, another track from the latest Monsterism compilation, another track from the Moog Cookbook's last album "Bartell", tracks from some new Dutton Vocalion reissues and much much more besides - including, of course, the ukulele. The Music To open, two tracks from the newly-reissued Beat at Cinecitta series to welcome MC Zirconium back from Italia: 1. Nora Orlandi - A Doppia Faccia (Beat At Cinecitta: Volume 2, 1970/1997) 2. Armando Trovaioli - L'arcidiavolo - L'arcidiavolo (1966) - - Beat At Cinecitta - Music from Italian 60s & 70s Cinema: Volume 3 - 1966 3. Guy Pedersen - Indian Pop Bass 4. Clubman - Round Up (Roaring Blue: Return Of The Instro-Hipsters Vol. 3, 2008) Dutton Vocalion continue to reissue some great albums: 5. David Carroll - Jungle Drums (Dance And Stay Young/The Feathery Feeling/Percussion In Hi-Fi) You can get this next track for free from Comfort Stand: 6. Jack Fetterman and the in Hi-Fi Music Direction - Acapulco 2000 (Two Zombies Later, 2003) 7. The Moog Cookbook - Novocaine for the Soul (Bartell, 2005) Following an interview from the recent Maker Faire in Newcastle with Mike Cook from the North of England Arduino Group, we played a geetar-based track to celebrate his great achievement, the Arduinocaster: 8. Guitars Unlimited - Expresso The Emperor Machine has a new EP coming out in April: 9. The Emperor Machine - Black Ken (Black Ken EP, 2009) Two tuba tracks: 10. Jack Parnell - When Yuba Plays the Rhumba on the Tuba (Trip to Mars, 1958/2009) 11. Scotch & Soda - The Lonely Bull (Two Zombies Later, 2003) Then it was time for what is becoming a regular feature in the show, "ukulele corner": 12. J J Appleton And Tamara Hey - I Want You (Beatles Complete On Ukulele Vol 1, 2009) 13. Sophie Madeleine - The Knitting Song (LOVE.LIFE.UKULELE, 2009) Then we had an "interview" with the Tone Float from the first UK Maker Faire followed by a milk bottle themed track: 14. Saint Etienne - Milk Bottle Symphony (Tales from Turnpike House, 2005) We closed the show with another track from the latest in the Monsterism Island series of compilations put together by Pete Fowler: 15. Gruff Rhys - Wild Robots Power Up (A Psychedelic Guide to Monsterism Island, 2009) The News

Friday, 13 March 2009

Sunday, 8 March 2009

Playlist, 08 March 2009

The Show Tonight at the Moonbase we shall be bringing you a selection of magical musical morsels including tracks from Depth Charge, Tony Osbourne (who sadly departed planet Earth this week), musical saw virtuoso Kev Hopper, Michel Legrand and many others besides. The Music 1. Jack Arel & Pierre Dutour - Bumblebee's Dance (Luke Vibert's Further Nuggets, 2002) Rather marvellously, I discovered this week that RCA Spain have reissued this belter of an album: 2. Henry Mancini - Streets of San Francisco (The Cop Show Themes, 1976) 3. Boots Randolph - Help Me Make It Through The Night (Homer Louis Randolph III) 4. Bobby Byrne - Windy (Shades of Brass, 1969) J Saul Kane, aka Depth Charge, has released his first EP in 5 years: 5. Depth Charge - Mecha Squirrel, Pt. 2 (Mecha Squirrel EP, 2009) Next up a classic track which, thanks to the fine folk at Vadim Music you can now get on a vinyl reissue of the original Archi-Cordes LP: 6. Michel Legrand - Di-Gue-Ding-Ding (Inflight Entertainment, 1964) Gerry Anderson turns 80 next month and if you want to send him your birthday greetings, join Fanderson and then follow the instructions on their website: 7. The Barry Gray Orchestra - Hijacked (Top TV Themes, 1993) The story about the "Beatles Degree" (see below) prompted us to dust off this classic - wonder if it will be covered on the course? 8. William Shatner - Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds (The Transformed Man) And that was followed by Beatle-esque original composition by the recently departed Tony Osborne: 9. Tony Osborne - John & Paul (Gypsy Creams & Ginger Nuts: Sounds That Swept The Supermarkets, 2007) Chiptune maestro Pixelh gets to play with some old WWII computers on his new project which sounds like this: 10. Pixelh8 - Obsolete? (excerpt) (Obsolete?, 2009) He will also be appearing at the first UK Maker Faire next weekend which myself and the good Dr Woods are planning to attend. On the subject of 8-bit sound, we were delighted to learn of a new release by German artist (not Austrian as we said on the show) Disrupt: 11. Disrupt - SEGA Beats (The Bass Has Left the Building, 2009) 57th best bass player in the world and virtuso musical saw player, Kev Hopper, has generously made his entire back-catalogue available for free! To celebrate this generous act, we thought it fit to play a couple of his tracks on the show, starting with: 12. Kev Hopper (a.k.a Spoombung) - True and False Objects (I Saw Spoombung's Daughter Consumed by Kirby Dots, 2005) Our story about surrogate monkey robot mothers (see below) inspired us to play what MC Zirconium subsequently described as "the worst track ever". Well, I like it: 13. John Hadfield - Robot Monkey Head (Robot Monkey Head, 2006) And then it was time for the second of tonight's tracks by the recently departed Tony Osborne: 14. Tony Osborne's Three Brass Buttons - Soul Street (Further In Flight Entertainment, 1969) For the first (and quite possibly last) time on Project Moonbase, we played a track by Dr John as he happens to have recorded a rather fine version of show favourite, Caravan: 15. Dr. John - Caravan (Duke Elegant, 2003) Then it was time for the second track this evening from Kev Hopper: 16. Kev Hopper - Dust Clouds (Saurus, 2003) MC Zirconium brought us news of giant blue brains invading Belgium - well one at least (see link below) so to prepare for imminent take over of the whole planet we played: 17. Gianni Safred - Electronic Brain (Futuribile, 1980) Today was International Women's Day. So after a show made up entirely of male artists (oops!) we felt it only right to close the show with an absolute belter from the recently released Welcom To The Party compilation on Jazzman Records: 18. Della Reese - It Was A Very Good Year (Welcome To The Party, 2009) The News