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Sunday, 27 July 2008

Playlist, 27/07/08

The Show A music miscellany this week including another track from the new Señor Coconut album. We also celebrated the presence of Tom Waits in our fair city after a 20 year absence. And we also countered the so-called "Dr Who Prom" by playing some music from the Radiophonic Workshop. The Music 1. Christian Bruhn - Ford Capri II (Popshopping vol.1, 1973) 2. Al Shapiro & Orch - 24 or 6 to 4 3. Screamin' Jay Hawkins - Whistlin' Past the Graveyard (New Coat of Paint - Songs of Tom Waits, 2004) 4. Delia Derbyshire - The Wizard's Laboratory (Electrosonic, 1972) 5. Dave Richmond - Movin' Along (Electronic Toys, 1999) 6. Señor Coconut & His Orchestra - Voodoo Dreams By Les Baxter (Atom Remix) (Around the World, 2008) 7. George Shearing - Aquarius (The Way We Are, 1974) 8. Gil Trythall - Polk Salad Annie (Nashville Gold - Switched On Moog, 1973) 9. Klaus Doldinger - Frei Mit Boots (Popshopping vol.1, 1973) 10. Jack Costanzo & His Afro-Cuban Band - Viva Tirado (Mr. Bongo) 11. Scott Ludwig & Maximillian - Caravan (The Sounds Of Tomorrow, 2005) 12. Arling & Cameron - Le Flic Et La Fille (Music For Imaginary Films, 2000) 13. Bertrand Burgalat - Ma Rencontre (Bertrand Burgalat Meets A.S Dragon, 2001) 14. Leroy Anderson - The Syncopated Clock 15. The Advisory Circle - Spider's Web (Ghost Box Free 3 Track EP, 2008) 16. Tom Waits - Army Ants (Orphans: Brawlers, Bawlers & Bastards, 2006) 17. The Focus Group - Hava Take (Ghost Box Free 3 Track EP, 2008) 18. Biddu - Unfinished Journey (Futuristic Journey, 1977/2008) 19. Brigitte Bardot - Contact (Best of BB, 1968) 20. C-Side & Tom Waits - Saw Sage (Coffee and Cigarettes OST, 2004) The News

Sunday, 20 July 2008

Playlist, 20/07/08

The Show This week we celebrated the recent centenary of the birth of that great composer for TV, Barry Gray. In November a concert is taking place in London where you'll be able to hear many of Mr Gray's tunes played by a full orchestra. F.A.B.! The Music 1. The Barry Gray Orchestra - Joe 90 (Top TV Themes, 1993) 2. Barry Gray - Double Agent Entertainment (Joe 90 Original Television Soundtrack, 2006) 3. Baden Powell - Sarava (Exotic Jazz, 1966) 4. Carla Bruni - Le temps perdu (Comme si de rien n'était, 2008) 5. Mareva Galanter - Les Cornichons (UkuYéyé, 2006) 6. Giampiero Boneschi - The Solarium ("The Latest Fashion") (Space: 1999: Year 1, 2004) 7. Alan Hawkshaw & Brian Bennnett - Oddball (Dramatic Funk Themes Vol. 1, 1974/2004) 8. Barry Gray and Gary Miller - Flying High (original Thunderbirds theme) (Thunderbirds 2, 2004) 9. The Barry Gray Orchestra - Parker, Well Done (edit) (No Strings Attached) 10. Barry Gray - White As Snow - commercial version (Captain Scarlet, 2003) 11. The Flee Rekkers - Fireball XL5 (Top TV Themes, 1993) 12. Cy Payne and His Orchestra - Stingray 13. Jim Sullivan - Atonement (Space: 1999: Year 1, 1974) 14. Martin Denny - Incense And Peppermints (A Taste Of India, 1968) 15. The Barry Gray Orchestra - Hijacked (Top TV Themes, 1993) 16. The Barry Gray Orchestra - The Mysterons Theme (No Strings Attached, 2002) 17. The Radio Science Orchestra - Aqua Marina (Memories of the Future, 2008) 18. Vic Elms, Alan Willis - Captives of Triton/Moonwalk (Space: 1999: Year 1, 1974/2004) 19. Cinema Recorded Music Library - Getting Away With It (Your Introductory Record, 2000) 20. Karl Hector & The Malcouns - Passau Run (Sahara Swing, 2008) The News

Sunday, 13 July 2008

Playlist, 13/07/08

The Show On the show this week we were delighted to welcome back Dr Woods for his sage advice and opinions. We were also excited to get our hands on the new album from one of our favourite contemporary artistes, Señor Coconut. The Music 1. Duke Ellington - Blue Pepper (Far East Of The Blues) (The Far East Suite, 1966) 2. Chaquito - Un Otra Vez (Spotlight on Chaquito, 1977) 3. The Moog Machine - Spinning Wheel (Switched On Rock) 4. Ray Davies - Flying Home 5. Brass Menagerie - Proud Mary (Brass Menagerie 1973, 1973) 6. Jean-Pierre Decerf, Gerard Zajd & Tony Cerrona - Black Safari (Space Oddities, 2008) 7. Yello - On the Run (Baby, 1991) 8. Señor Coconut & His Orchestra - Pinball Chacha (Around the World, 2008) 9. Martin Denny - Hypnotique (A Taste of India, 1967) 10. Various Artists - All Blues (edit) (Miles From India, 2008) 11. Hank Marvin - Boogitoo 12. Johnny Harris - Stepping Stones (Movements, 1970) 13. Los Admiradores - Caravan (Bongos/Flutes/Guitars, 1960) 14. France Gall & Cesar Camargo Mariano - Zoizoi (7", 1970) 15. Dorothy Ashby - Myself When Young (The Rubaiyat Dorothy Ashby, 1970) 16. Mike Leander Orchestra - The Letter 17. Bill Cosby - Ursalena The News

Saturday, 12 July 2008

DJ Bongoboy at Eclectic Mud

Former regular Moonbase studio guest and continuing Moonbase contributor, Fuz, was kind enough to invite DJ Bongoboy to play at his monthly club Eclectic Mud. Unfortunately the population of Scotland appeared to be at T in the Park so the place was very quiet. But it was nice to get to spin some tunes again. Here's roughly what I played: 1. Richard Hayman - Dansero (Genuine Electric Latin Love Machine) 2. The Moog Machine - Spinning Wheel (Switched-On Rock) 3. Piero Umiliani - Beer, Vermouth e Gin (Svezia Inferno e Paradiso) 4. The Three Suns w/King Curtis - Swingin on a Star (Swingin on a Star) 5. Chaquito - Un Otra Vez (Spotlight On Chaquito) 6. Emil Richards - Happy Together (New Time Element) 7. Lenny Dee - Georgie Girl (Moving On!) 8. Enoch Light's Action - The Last of the Wine (It's Happening ... So Let's Dance!) 9. Robert Maxwell - The Breeze and I (Shangri-La) 10. The Ray Charles Singers - Hawaiian War Chant (Paradise Islands) 11. Los Admiradores - Caravan (Bongos/Flutes/Guitars)

Tuesday, 8 July 2008

DJ Bongoboy on Planet Earth Rock and Roll, Wednesday 9 July 2008

DJ Bongoboy of Project Moonbase fame will be appearing as a guest on Jake King's radio show "Planet Earth Rock and Roll" on Wednesday 9 July from 8:30pm - 10pm. The reason? Jake is featuring the sound of the sitar on his show this week and asked whether I would like to come along and play some of my favourite sitar-drenched tunes, being as I am a bit of a sitar devotee. More information here and here. If you don't happen to live in Edinburgh, you can listen online.

Sunday, 6 July 2008

Playlist, 06/07/08

The Show No particular feature this week, just a goody bag of tunes with several brand new releases, which is most unusual for us... The Music The annual Tour de France kicked off yesterday so what better excuse to dust off this hardy perennial: 1. Señor Coconut Y Su Conjunto - Tour De France (El Baile Alemán, 2000) Fuz tries to persuade us of the merits of Duane Eddy (who turned 80 earlier this year!): 2. Duane Eddy - Roarin Keeping it twangy: 3. The Ventures - Journey To The Stars (Walk-Don't Run - The Best Of The Ventures, 1964) To follow up our latest story about the return of steam power (see below) we played this steam-themed track: 4. Alan Parker - Frozen Steam (Afro Rock, 1973) Followed by a another track by a master of library music: 5. The John Cameron Quartet - Troublemaker (Off Centre, 1969) A brand new album from a new artist to us here at the Moonbase, one Alfred Darlington aka Daedalus: 6. Daedelus - Drummery Jam - Love to Make Music To - 2008 And what's this, another brand new track?! Yes, Leila Arab has a new album out and it's a delicious sounding affair: 7. Leila - The Exotics (feat. Seaming To) - Blood, Looms & Blooms - 2008 Keeping it exotic, here's this week's version of show favourite Caravan: 8. 80 Drums Around The World - Caravan (Ultra-Lounge, Vol. 1: Mondo Exotica, 1961) Keeping things latin: 9. Senor Soul - Psychotic Reaction 10. Edmundo Ros & His Orchestra - Tequila (Caribbean Ros, 1974) Sir Clive Sinclair is dreaming of flying cars (see below) so what better reason do we need to play another track by the great Clive One and Clive Two, aka: 11. ZX Spectrum Orchestra - D.I.S.C.O. (Basic Programming, 2006) There's a fantastic new compilation of electronic European library music from 1975-1984 put together by French DJs Alexis Le-Tan & Jess: 12. Jean-Pierre Decerf & Gerard Zajd - Reaching the Infinite (Space Oddities, 2008) And here's a track by another French artiste we haven't heard for a while: 13. Holden - Une Fraction De Seconde (Pedrolira, 2002) 14. Horst Jankowski - Soulful Strut (Jazz Swings Pop, 1970/2006) Sergio Mendes has a brand new album out: 15. Sergio Mendes - Somewhere in the Hills (O Morro Nao Tem Vez) (Feat. Natalie Cole) - Encanto - 2008 16. Dave Pike - Jet Set (Jazz for the Jet Set, 1966) 17. Quiet Village - Keep On Rolling (Silent Movie, 2008) Having played a track by the band Quiet Village we thought it would be an idea to hear a version of the track Quiet Village - this one a sitar-tinged version: 17. Vincent Bell - Quiet Village (Pop Goes the Electric Sitar) And if you would like to hear more sitar, I will be guesting on Jake King's show Planet Earth Rock and Roll on Wednesday night (09/07/08) from 8:30pm - 10pm as he makes the sitar the main feature of this week's show. The News