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Sunday, 7 November 2010

PMB005: Gateway To Continental Europe (07/11/2010)

On this week's show we discuss the shocking result of the recent vote as to whether DJ Bongoboy was right to play L___ M_______'s version of All the Single Ladies, we attempt to redress the balance by playing Wing's version from her brand new album and we also have music from Norway, Belgium, the US of A and Brighton.

Wing in fact was kind enough to send us a signed photo, though we are not entirely sure what activity is taking place in this picture. If you have any suggestions, do please tweet us or send us an email.

In addition to the music, MC Zirconium will tell us all about Winston Churchill being no longer with us, new bases on the Moon and why not try cigarettes?
Listen now:

Alternatively, you may download the MP3 directly by right-clicking here.

The Music
1.Keith Mansfield: Superstars (A) from Music While You WatchAmazon
2.Mandingo: War Dance from Mandingo 3AmazonMandingo 3 - Savage Rite - Mandingo 3/Savage Rite
3.Wing: All the Single Ladies from Wing Sings for all the Single Ladies and Raps for all the Safe PartiesAmazon
4.Mademoiselle Nineteen: Je Ne Vois Que Vous (Single)AmazonJe Ne Vois Que Vous - Mademoiselle Nineteen
5.Phlogiston: Title Screen from Super Crate BoxFree
6.Tony Burrello: There's A New Sound (The Sound of Worms) from The Sound of Worms (and Fish, and Rats!) EPAmazonThe Sound of Worms (and Fish, and Rats!) - EP - Leona Anderson, Tom Murray & Tony Burrello
7.Lorraine Bowen: Ashford International from Suburban Exotica
8.Simon Haseley/Peter Reno: Distant Hills (theme to Crown Court) from Music While You WatchAmazon
9.Phlogiston: Radical Fishing OST from Super Crate BoxFree
10.Shobaleader One (aka Squarepusher and friends): Laser Rock from d'DemonstratorAmazonShobaleader One: d'Demonstrator - Squarepusher

The Disinformation

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