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Sunday, 27 November 2011

PMB057 Och Aye The Moon (Acapulco Brass, Roger Whittaker, Caribbean Session Musicians, Telly Savalas, Ivor Cutler, Ken Mullen, Tartan Brass)

PMB057: Och Aye The MoonAs you will know, dear listener, the Moonbase periodically detaches itself from its lunar moorings and hovers over various parts of Scotland. We therefore thought it was about time we played a selection of tracks inspired in some way by that great country.The seed of this idea was the purchase of a CD from a charity shop which has a most extraordinary title. A title which in fact prompts many questions to be posed in one's mind. All will become clear as you listen to this week's show.

PLEASE BE WARNED: At several points in this week's show, some truly diabolical attempts are made by your two hosts to put on a Scottish accent. We realise in hindsight that this was probably a very bad idea. Especially as most of our listeners either live in or originate from Scotland. We therefore offer our humblest of pre-emptive apologies and hope that our audience is not decimated as a result of this week's show.

MC Zirconium would like to make it clear that he thinks his Scottish accents are great, so there.

Listen now:

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The Music

1.The Acapulco Brass: Loch Lomond from La BambaBuy on AmazonLa Bamba - The Acapulco Brass
2.Squidd Kidd: Star Wars on the BagpipesWatch
3.Roger Whittaker: The Skye Boat Song from The Golden Age of Roger Whittaker - 50 Years of Classic HitsBuy on AmazonRoger Whittaker - The Golden Age - Roger Whittaker
4.The Delta Band: Scotland The Brave from The Best Of Scottish PanpipesBuy on AmazonThe Best of Scottish Panpipes - The Delta Band
5.Ivor Cutler: Lemonade from A Flat ManBuy on AmazonA Flat Man - Ivor Cutler
6.Caribbean Session Musicians: Amazing Grace from The West Indies - 20 Steel Band FavouritesBuy on AmazonThe West Indies - 20 Steel Band Favourites - Caribbean Session Musicians
7.Man City Lion: Tid Lom Ta Lai (Drinking Whiskey Until I'm Blurred) from Thai Pop Spectacular 1960s-1980sBuy on Amazon
8.Telly Savalas: AberdeenWatch
9.Goschen Hobel: Mull of Kintyre (DJ Bongoboy Mix)Watch
10.Ken Mullen: Mull of Kintyre from Leaves In The Wind (DJ Bongoboy Mix)Buy on AmazonLeaves In the Wind - Ken Mullen
11.Tartan Brass: My Love Is Like a Red Red Rose from Our ScotlandBuy on AmazonOur Scotland - Tartan Brass
12.P4KO: Auld Lang Syne (8Bit Version) from N4V1D4D 2010Free

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