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Sunday, 5 December 2010

PMB009 The Concealed Playroom: Moon Wiring Club, deWolfe, Hong Kong in the 60s, Stereolab

On the show this week we have music from the new Moon Wiring Club album, some selections from a new deWolfe compilation, progressive Hungarian space jazz, 25th century exotica, a trip to the sea of tranquility with Hong Kong in the 60s, the first half of an Emperor Machine remix of a Stereolab track and plenty of other surprises.

In addition to the music, MC Zirconium will be telling us about why bees have given up, how to sing like Wing and turning base metal into gold.

Listen now:

Alternatively, you may download the MP3 directly by right-clicking here.

The Music
1.Claude Vasori: Accroche-Toi, Caroline (Vision On Title Theme) from Top Dog - A Retrospective Of Classic TV & Radio Themes 1960 - 1982Buy on AmazonTop Dog (A Retrospective Of Classic TV & Radio Themes 1960-1982) - Various Artists
2.The Qualitons: Aua from Panoramic TymesBuy on AmazonPanoramic Tymes - The Qualitons
3.Computer Magic & Eva Hipsey: DeLorean theme from Present themes for past placesBuy
4.Moon Wiring Club: Concealed Playroom from A Spare Tabby At The Cat's WeddingBuy
5.Mr. Ho's Orchestrotica: Mini Skirt from The Unforgettable Sounds Of EsquivelBuy on AmazonThe Unforgettable Sounds of Esquivel - Mr. Ho's Orchestrotica
6.Herbert Chappell: The Gonk (Theme From Seeing & Doing): Top Dog - A Retrospective Of Classic TV & Radio Themes 1960 - 1982Buy on AmazonTop Dog (A Retrospective Of Classic TV & Radio Themes 1960-1982) - Various Artists
7.Hong Kong In The 60s: The Flower of Quince House from Places
8.Moon Wiring Club: Playroom Concealed from A Spare Tabby At The Cat's WeddingBuy
9.Stereolab: Silver Sands [Emperor Machine Mix] (Part 1) from Not MusicBuy on AmazonNot Music - Stereolab

The Lost News


George said...

Great show.
Thanks for "The Qualitons" I spent ages digging around trying to find something local and interesting out here and this was a first for me. I will go searching for more.
"Moon Wiring Club" also excellent, really enjoyed them.
One or two of the relatively mainstream bands here also produce some interesting music. Quimby I think have made it into Europe and maybe even across the water. They seem to be mostly unconcerned with musical genres which is nice. There is also a large catalogue of Magyar reggae some of which is the purest Bulldada.

I'm off to dig through some Hungarian prog to punish myself for temperatures likely to see double figures this week.

boydie said...

Gday boys :)

....well i was going to write sdfijakl;dfjasdf jksdaf jafj ajfasd, but that would just be to please mc zirconium, so i shallnt be doing that :)

Excellent soonds this week you groovers - Im a very big stereolab fan as you are aware of (though i dont stalk!), really enjoyed those new songs from last week and this week - that 'remix' is almost barely recognisable - which is how it should be.

The qualitons track was superbio, if thats a word. And the moon wiring club stuff....

im still getting over that 'im not a witch' song - actually quite good! And a politician to boot? Surely not?!

and wing - what can we say - that recent black and white cover - well, it really was hideous wasnt it. HOw does she do it so very well?!

Speaking of, heres a funny site for you to peruse if you dont already know about it - - its my homepage!

Looking forward to more shenanigans from this week (bit of a quandary as i like to listen to it sunday night still, but often its not available until after i leave for work - guess i will have to move on ;)).

Now, where is my smoking jacket....