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Thursday, 7 October 2010

The Historic Future of Project Moonbase

Dear Listeners,

Some of you may know that we recently delivered our last Leith FM Project Moonbase.

After years of faithful service, we rebelled, lining up the station in the cross hairs of our disruptor beam, for a moment contemplating its fiery demise. Then the crazy-fog lifted and we left on good terms, or a least we would have, had anyone been there.

You may be saying to yourself but, but, but, what, eh,? What will I do with my Sunday nights now? Must I form a meaningful relationship with my children or read improving literature? CERTAINLY NOT! Through the magics of the interwebs we are reborn! Fresh from having our brains transplanted into the bodies of giant killer robots, we are launching a spangly new podcast and you dear listener can ...ahem... listen to it, with your ears.

Where can I listen to the brand new Project Moonbase podcast?

Tune your browser to the Project Moonbase website.

Subscribe to our RSS feed for the Project Moonbase podcast.

Follow us on Twitter.

Join our Facebook group.

It's just like the future should be.

When will I be able to listen to the podcast?

We will aim to make each podcast available from 8pm on Sundays so as not to disrupt your Sunday evening routine of biscuits, pickles, chiptune and Wing.

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