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Sunday, 26 October 2008

Playlist, 26 October 2008

The Show With Halloween just around the corner it was an evening of spookiness here at the Moonbase this week. Wooooooooo.... The Music 1. Quiet Village - Circus Of Horror (Silent Movie, 2008) 2. John Buzon Trio (Mr Ghost Goes to Town, Inferno!/Organs in Orbit) 3. Perrey & Kingsley - Spooks in Space (The In Sound From Way Out) 4. Esquivel - Lazy Bones (Space Age Bachelor Pad Music, 1994) We took a brief rest from THE TERROR to bring you another track by this wonderful Japanese duo called Lullatone. This one comes from their latest album: 5. Lullatone - Tiny Cinema (The Bedtime Beat, 2008) Then it was straight back into horror mode with another new track, this time from the Moon Wiring Club: 6. Moon Wiring Club - Form The Circle (Shoes Off And Chairs Away, 2008) And then the first of two tracks from a great new CD which is more like reference material than a regular album as it consists of 20 tracks recorded on 20 different analogue systems, one for each year consecutively from 1968 to 1987! 7 Benge - 1970 ARP 2500 (Twenty Systems, 2008) And another new track, this one from the recent compilation of tracks by the Man From Uranus recorded over the last 4 years: 8. Man From Uranus - Watch Out For The Giant Pickle - Amazing Science Friction Volume One, 2008) Then a track from someone we really ought to feature more on the show, the wonderful Ms People Like Us: 9. People Like Us - OB & Cha Cha (Beware The Whim Reaper, 1996) 10. Lew Davies - Ghost Riders in the Sky (Strange Interlude, 1961) 11. The Three Suns - Danny's Inferno (Movin' and Groovin', 1961) 12. Reg Tilsley - Old Devil Moon - When Lights Are Low, 1973) 13. Eric Framond - Bacchanale Chez Satan - Top Timing!) Then we skipped forward 15 years from the first of our tracks from the new Benge album to bring you the sound of 1985: 14. Benge - 1985 Yamaha CX5m (Twenty Systems, 2008) More spookiness followed: 15. Belbury Poly - The Willows (The Willows, 2004) 16. Padded Cell - Night Must Fall (Night Must Fall, 2008) 17. The Daniel Pemberton TV Orchestra - The Bells Of Doom (Theme From Hells Kitchen) (Tvpopmuzik, 2007) 18. Korla Pandit - Trance Dance (Exotica 2000) And we closed with a track we alluded to on last week's show. As listeners may recall, last week we paid tribute to Neal Hefti and I mentioned that his track Jervis (from the Batman soundtrack) had been sampled by someone. Well, it took me a while to remember who it was(!) but I got there in the end so we closed the show with it: 19. Roudoudou - Inna slow tempo (Tout l'univers - 1999) The News

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