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Sunday, 12 June 2011

PMB035 The Sound of Commerce: Barry Gray, Mike Sammes Singers, Js with Jamie, Alan Hawkshaw, Alan Moorehouse, Valerie Lemercier

PMB035: The Sound of CommerceWe've been thinking for a while that it was about time we tackled some of the grand themes of modern life. However, before tackling more controversial topics such as politics, religion, sex or the lighter side of death, we thought we'd start by looking at the world of commerce. This was largely prompted by the latest release on Jonny Trunk's record label which is an 81(!) track collection of advertising work by that genius Barry Gray. Best known for his work on Gerry Anderson's TV productions such as Thunderbirds, UFO, Captain Scarlet, Joe 90 and Space 1999, it may come as a surprise to learn that Barry Gray also had an illustrious career composing music for commercials.

So sit back and enjoy a selection of songs about oil, tobacco, coffee makers, biscuits, gin and of course combine harvesters.

We should also mention that we discovered a stowaway at the Moonbase! Yes, that renegade Space Disco Jeff has returned for a second show.

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The Music

1.Johnny Pearson: Product Efficiency from Speed and ExcitementBuy on AmazonSpeed and Excitement - Various Artists
2.Alan Hawkshaw: The Night Rider (Cadbury's Milk Tray) from 27 Top T.V. Themes And Commercials
3.Barry Gray: Jazz Track written for Shell 1 from Stand By For AdvertsBuy on AmazonStand By for Adverts - Barry Gray
Short Commercial Break #1:
  • The J's with Jamie: Tareyton Cigarettes
  • Katie's Kitchen: Swiss Cocktail Rounds
4.Gert Wilden: Moulinex from Popshopping vol.1Buy on Amazon
5.Barry Gray: Ogden's St Julien Tobacco (Stanley Morgan) from Stand By For AdvertsBuy on AmazonStand By for Adverts - Barry Gray
6.Alan Moorhouse: Some Other Time: Gypsy Creams & Ginger Nuts from Sounds That Swept The SupermarketsBuy on Amazon
7.Amral’s Trinidad Cavaliers Steel Orchestra: 90% of Me Is You from Calypsoul 70Buy on AmazonCalypsoul 70 - Various Artists
8.Mike Sammes & The Mike Sammes Singers: International Harvester (1) from Music For BiscuitsBuy on AmazonMusic for Biscuits - Mike Sammes
9.The J's with Jamie: Everybody Says Don't: The J's with Jamie from The Singles CollectionFree
10.Barry Gray: Excerpt from "Hoover Keymatic Washing Machine” documentary score from Stand By For AdvertsBuy on AmazonStand By for Adverts - Barry Gray
11.Barry Gray: Opening Titles (From UFO) from Stand By for Action! - The Music of Barry GrayBuy on AmazonStand By for Action! - The Music of Barry Gray - Barry Gray
12.Klaus Wunderlich: Cornflakes from SignatureBuy on AmazonSignature - Klaus Wunderlich
13.Short Commercial Break: Bran Flakes from The WhipBuy on AmazonThe Whip - Various Artists
14.Coca-Cola (Southwest Freeway Rock Band): Confusion from People PowerFree
15.Lord Invader: Pepsi-Cola from Calypso In New YorkBuy on AmazonCalypso In New York - Lord Invader
16.Rune Lindbæk: Sweet & Sexy (Rune Lindbæk Mix) from Popshopping Mixed UpBuy on AmazonPopshopping Mixed Up - Various Artists
Short Commercial Break #2:
  • Barry Gray: Booth's Dry Gin
Buy on AmazonStand By for Adverts - Barry Gray
  • The J's with Jamie: Chevy Corvair
17.Valérie Lemercier: Club Bungalow (Burgalat Remix) from Tricatel RareBuy on AmazonTricatel Rare - Various Artists

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