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Sunday, 7 September 2008

Playlist, 7 September 2008

The Show On the show this week we enjoyed a musical miscellany featuring several recent acquisitions found in local charity shops as well as some library music and a splash of Moog... The Music 1. Keith Woodman's Piccadilly Brass - Mexican Flier (On The Brink Return Of The Instro-Hipsters, 2007) 2. Alan Tew - Brazil (Don't Cry For Me Argentina, 1977) That last track was one of the tracks I picked up in a local charity shop recently and the album is worth getting just for the bizarre photo of Mr Tew on the back of the sleeve. Next up, a brace of tuneless twanging, but great tuneless twanging it has to be said: 3. Puccio Roelens Orchestra - Detroit City (Ciao Musica, 2007) 4. Sukia - Vaseline & Sand (Contacto Espacial con el Tercer Sexo - 1997) The Large Hadron Collider is due to be fired up this week (see news story below) so we thought we would mark the occasion: 5. The Moog Cookbook - Black Hole Sun (The Moog Cookbook, 1996) Two slices of latin loveliness: 6. Bill McGuffie - Begin the Beguine (When Lights Are Low, 1973) 7. Cal Tjader - Sally's Tomato - Soña Libré Thanks to Jeff for drawing my attention to this fabulous slice of space disco: 8. Alan Hawkshaw - The Speed Of Sound (Elaste Vol. 2, 2008) 9. Ten Plus (aka Alan Parker)- 9-10-Out (Watch With Teacher, 2008) When Jeff was on the show the other week Jean-Claude Vannier was our featured artist and listeners may recall that M. Vannier worked with many great musicians including one Bernard Estardy: 10. Bernard Estardy - Cha Tatch Ka (Top Timing!) 11. Janko Nilovic - Hand In Hand (Last Impressions, 2007) Wonderful news reaches us at Moonbase Towers of the imminent release of a new album by Jean-Jacques Perrey and Dana Countryman. To celebrate we played a track from the first album that they put out in 2006: 12. Jean Jacques Perrey with Dana Countryman - Atomic Twist (The Happy Electropop Music Machine, 2006) Followed by some Moog-ska: 13. The Vulcans - Red Herring (Star Trek, 2005) A recent trip to some local charity shops has thrown up some great tunes and here are a couple more: 14. Perry Botkin - Ode to Billy Joe (Folk Hits From Across the Sea, 1969) 15. Henry Mancini - Policewoman (The Cop Show Themes, 1976) The long-awaited release of a DVD containing the amazing music videos by Cornelius is out so we played something by the great man: 16. Cornelius - The Microdisneycal World Tour (Sean O' Hagan Mix) (Sushi 4004, 1997) And to close, another track from the 10th anniversary reissue of Air's Moon Safari which includes a whole load of remixes, rarities and radio sessions: 17. Air - Kelly Watch the Stars (Moog Cookbook Remix) (Moon Safari Remixes, Rarities and Radio Sessions, 2008) The News

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