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Sunday, 6 January 2008

Playlist, 06/01/08

The Music 1. Bellino - Boss Bossa Nova 2. Ira Ironstrings - Blacksmith Blues 3. Jet Set Swe - The Master (Goodbye Pluto, 2007) 4. Hugo Strasseur - Paperback Writer 5. Roger Whitaker - Festival 6. Edmundo Ros - Sakura (Ros In Japan) 7. Rita - Sexologie 8. Primo 7 - Deixa O Morro Cantar (Pinta O Sete, 1965) 9. Gianni Safred - Robot Party (Futuribile, 1980) 10. Chicken Curry - Malaria Fever 11. Charanjit Singh - Pyar Chaiye Keh Paisa (The Bombay Connection Vol 1) 12. Johnny Harris - Lulu's Theme (1969) 13. Oscar Peterson - Soulville Samba (Soul Espanol) 14. Les Baxter - Cubana Mulatta 15. Edmundo Ros - Red River Valley (Expo 70) 16. Pram - Sirocco (Dark Island, 2003) 17. Stanley Black - Berimbau (Black Magic, 1976) 18. Larry Adler - Caravan (The Great Larry Adler) 19. Billy Mure - Keep It Movin 20. Quincy Jones - I'm a Believer 21. Ananda Shankar - Teddy Bear (India Remembers Elvis, 1978) 22. The Frank Clarke Kids - Rhapsody in Blue The News Green Fart Initiative Cow farts contain methane, a greenhouse gas. Kangaroo farts do not. So scientists in Australia are going to transfer intestinal bacteria of kangaroos into cattle and see what happens. "According to the government of Queensland, almost 14% of all greenhouse gas emissions from Australia come from cow farts" I wonder what percentage of air in Australia is cow farts? Calling all Zombies If you're a Zombie and you live in Dumfries and Galloway you could turn up for an open casting session for a horror film to be shot on location in the region. The Dead Outside is a feature-length project by Dumfries-born director Kerry Anne Mullaney. The session to find actors and extras for the film - to be shot in March - will take place in the Gracefield Arts Centre on Saturday afternoon. Car That Runs On Air BBC News is reporting that a French company has developed a pollution-free car which runs on compressed air. It could be on sale in Europe by the end of the year. The Mini-CAT or City Cat, can be refueled in minutes from an air compressor and can go 200 km on a 1.5 euro fill-up 125 miles for £1.50. The top speed will be almost 70 mph and the cost of the vehicle as low as £3500. The car is powered by the expansion of compressed air, using no combustion at all, and the exhaust is entirely clean. Tata Motors has been selling compressed gas buses since 2000. It is currently working on producing the world's cheapest car, which will be almost 100% plastic. Touch Bionics has bionic arm to go with your bionic hand After delivering their i-LIMB bionic hand last year, Scientists from UK-based prothesis developer Touch Bionics have annonced the i-LIMB bionic arm. It is controlled by learned muscle movements picked up by electrodes placed on the user's chest and is covered in a "realistic cosmetic skin." It is even stronger than your old-fashioned human arm. So super hero status could be yours. Pre-bent Teaspoon The Magic Teaspoon with a handle made of Nitinol (NIckel TItanium Naval Ordnance Laboratory or shape memory metal. In practice ifs you put it in a warm liquid it will bend. Put it back under cool liquid to straighten it out. Uri Geller, your days are numbered. B&Q claims 2008 is the year of retro B&Q has been looking into its crystal ball and is predicting that 2008 will be a year of retro home design and an end to minimalism. According to B&Q Design Manager Fionnuala Johnston, bold retro patterns, inspired by designs from the 50s and 60s, will feature heavily in textile and wall covering ranges this year. Belkin Washable Mouse Having your grubby hands on a mouse for most of the day is a common occurrence. That can result in some dirt and grime, which Belkin is ready to tackle. Their new mouse is completely sealed allowing the mouse to be washed easily. Some reviewers decided to use the mouse while submerged in oatmeal, chili, chocolate pudding and even cheesy poofs. The result? after every dunking, the mouse washed off perfectly. Science's greatest achievement: choco-strawberries Using Infusion Technology, a Japanese company called FCOM has worked out how to change the flavor of strawberries by freeze-drying the strawberries, then removing all the water from them. They then replace the water with chocolate. It's vague- I know. How soon before they arrive in the shops? Marion Hyper-Sub travels over and under the waves The Hyper-Sub Submersible Powerboat is a vessel capable of operating as a boat or a submarine. Built by Marion Hyper-Submersible Powerboat Design, the Hyper-Sub's created by Reynolds Marion.

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